Why don't you want to believe me when I tell you who I am? Why do you feel it is so important that you have to be the approval officer? I do have the documents you're looking for. Yet, you've looked right at them on every visit. And you still refuse to believe who I am accomplished all of those things. Amazing!

I have been on my spiritual journey for at least thirty seven years, intentionally.  I was ordained 2003.  It took every bit of three to five years to make it happen.  The journey was much longer than that.  It was a lot of work for which at the time I really didn’t want to do.  But when you know that God has an assignment for you.  And you know that if you don’t follow through, there will be consequences you don’t even want to deal with.  (Playing small was easier.)  So I was called to ministry.  I didn’t want to do the work.  I was afraid to fail.  I was afraid of myself.  I knew the outside world didn’t see me as intelligent enough to be that that I am.  That’s what I thought!  I had excepted  who I am and who I am to be, especially in this world today.  I feel great having to live without titles.  For example; I use to be Reverend Celestine Snell.  I am now Celestine.  And I’m loving that so much more.  Because society is more receptive to what you have to say when your a woman without a title such as Reverend and/or Minister.  That has been my experience.  They will test you.  Throw fifty million scriptures up in your face as if they clearly understand what the scriptures fully mean for themselves.  And maybe they do.  So, you will be tested harshly and they may even want to break you down.  The point I’m driving us to is two individuals questioned my profile yesterday.  One was positive.  The other was negative.  I was asked in two different ways.  The first person I shared my processes and attempts for gathering the information necessary for me to create a profile such as the one I have in honor of my work in truth I am.  The second person refused to see it for what it is.  Because they felt like they weren’t there to personally to witness my accomplishments.  I was labeled to be an evangelist, yes, sure did.  Sure was.  Stating this “that if God wants to use you than walk with God as Evangelist”.  Dah!  There is nothing wrong with that.  But because you don’t feel like its possible that I could be Reverend, (I am) or Minister (I am).  And surely I don’t have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Old Testament and New Testament.  Though I graduated from bible school.  No big deal.  But I did.  And so forth and so on.  Now mind you this person had a front row seat to my life’s experiences and opportunities.  We as Christians, some of us are so holier than thou that you believe you can save me, when you can’t even save yourself.  That’s called a personal relationship with God.  That should be your concern.  You can’t send me to hell, and you can’t send me to heaven.  You can’t even send yourself.  No individual that you’ve personally known, and/or physically touched, has returned from being physically dead after a number of years.  Where’s the research.  Please I understand the word of God.  But answer this question who do you know, who, brought back to you a video and/or a full report of there death life in writing on paper.  Hand in hand.  Now you can be dead alive and dead mentally and share your story with us.  Now don’t go there y’all. Cause I think I know what your thinking.  Try opening your mind.  Take a good look into the bigger picture.  Try not to limit your spiritual thoughts about how it is because of society’s informalities.  You can not pray for my soul.  You can.  But why do you feel it is necessary for you to save my soul.  Pray for your own soul if you have to pray for mine.  Come on now.  Study yourself to show God.  Let God approve!  Get your approval from God.  Get your answers from God.  Pray to God for understanding.  So we can come together with respect for our spiritual differences.  Let us count it all joy. Sometimes we worship people, places, and things.  Churches and pastors are being challenged as we all are at this time.  You should know that they are not God.  My Lord!   We/They are messengers who can and/or try to be better stewards.  Sometimes we just need us to use our common sense.  Right now.  Wake up my Brothers and Sisters.  Wake up!  We need to stay woke!  No disrespect to anyone.  Especially you all who are being worshipped as the leaders you are (Human beings!).  Humble yourselves.  Now that is one thing I am afraid of…taking credit from God for what He/She has done!  Wake up!  It ain’t really about you or me.  And no, it ain’t really none of my business.  Unless you make it mine.  But I’m just sharing a little bit of wisdom and knowledge.  I mean after all you think it’s okay because you have a title that you may feel give you some entitlement.  The right to judge me.  Spiritually.  Okay!  Well my mind is free now.  I’m open to God.  Not to man.  Though I am as a servant of God called to duty.  That is to help, teach and lead in honor of God.  So yes I’m open to work with human.  To Serve.  I have nothing to fear but fear itself.  You’ll get there someday soon.  If your not already there.  So you are.  So you understand.  And when you do, you may get to understand me.  And by the way.  My documentations are in order.  And I can prove them to you.  But I don’t have too!  Why?  Because in Truth none of that really matters.  I am here for God.  I am here as you are here, vessels of pure potentiality.  An additional piece to God’s great puzzle.  God’s creations!  Demonstrations.  The likeness of God.  I know, I may have said a mouth full.  Yes I said it.  To God be the glory.  This is an uncomfortable conversation to have with you all.  Why?   Because I use to be afraid to live in my truth.  Yet God’s love has embraced me enough for me to be confident enough to share truth with my points of view.  Respectfully!  Thank you all so much for so much.  Remember to please pay attention.  And while you are doing so, please try not to be so judgemental.  Peace and Love. Amen. Blessings!  Let me help you to help yourself.  In peace, through love lessons, to get you to your joy, peace, love and happiness.  Happy Sunday!

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