So Make it Count

So Make It Count

I had the ultimate Aha Moment today.  I was just sitting here, and this feeling just came over me. And I actually began to wallow in it a little bit, thankfully it was a short amount of time, but still profound nonetheless (under an hour max) where I said, gosh somethings in my life, happened that I wish just didn’t happen or at least happened differently.  However, I quickly realized that would be the GREATEST manifestation mistake in my history! Lolol   I quickly realized that erasing all the good, all the love, all the lessons, all the joy, all the happiness, all the understanding, all the growth, all the blessings and just all the greatness I got to witness and be in my own life.  HELL NAH!!! Lolol there are no regrets! Each accomplish and failure equally was a stepping stone to where I am at this very moment, which can change again in breathe.

I started to think about it and for every regret, I thought that it was so important that we don’t absorb regret as actual regret.  We use all regret as a learning experience and label it as an opportunity for a later time.  I have been known to make lists for my life and tick off the things that I want to accomplish off the list.  I have indeed been blessed to tick off quite a bit if not all the goals and dreams I wanted to accomplish and I am sure you have as well.  However, I believe that we take these things for granted.  I did not understand how blessed I was, but instead I was onto the driving hard for the next accomplishment.  Just to accomplish one thing, on the entire list of life is a blessing.  However, I know the promises and pacts that me and God made so many times throughout the years.  Made me really see how much the Lord walks with me and works his will through me.  He works with you similarly you know.   In order for me to accomplish that things that I do (we all do), can’t do it without the help of the God/The Universe/Source – whatever you want to believe.

So for the things that didn’t go through or work out as we planned NATUALLY, those things should not be considered regret.   If there was no outside involvement with how things went for you, those things definitely are not a failure as long as you showed up and did your best, which brings me to the next part of the statement “so make it count”… making sure every bit of it counts then make sure it does!  Don’t waste as much as you humanely can.  I realize how much it all is a blessing, thankful and in gratitude.

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