Social Media, how do you use it?

Social media is something people knew about, but no one ever saw it growing into what it is to this day. What started as a simple way to reach out and connect with friends turned into a worldwide phenomenon. People make six and seven figures off of businesses they launched and promote on social media. People search and find family they haven’t seen in years on social media; and establish a relationship with them. As social media continues to grow, I’ve noticed different platforms offer different key things. For example, Facebook is good to stay connected with family or to find a social group to connect with. Instagram reigns supreme with people uploading pictures daily. Instagram is also turning into a platform where users create thriving business. Instagram now offers different functions where people can add a little more creativity to their profile as well. Tik tok is taking people by storm daily with people going viral and making huge amounts of money. Tik tok is also known for some pretty hilarious videos and skits as well. I can sit here and name all the social media sites and explain what they do, but what do they do for you? Do you casually get on social media just to stay up to date with people and events? Or do you get on social media to promote your business and network? Some people get so caught up in social media they know they need to take a break from it, but when they delete it they come right back within a few days. So, with all that being said what is the purpose of a blog about social media. Well, it depends on how you use it. I want this blog to help people realize social media is a fun way to stay connected and make money. Or social media is a distraction and this blog can help people tweeze out unhealthy habits they may have. I have a few questions to see what social media is to you.

Question 1. Do you spend more than two hours on social media a day and you don’t run a business?

Question 2. Do you use social media for research purposes instead of looking up something the traditional way?

Question 3. Do you feel an emptiness or feel like you’re missing out on something if you spend too much time away from social media?

Question 4. Do you see other people living their life on social media and think that is “the way of the world?”

Question 5. Do you get a joy from being on social media? Is it a way you express yourself? Find a good laugh? Get introduced to new people?

These questions are not to condemn anyone, tell them they’re doing something wrong, or make anyone feel bad. These questions are to simply allow you to see where you are with social media. I personally took a 2 week vacation from my regular job, and on the second week I deleted all social media. I told myself my final week off work would be dedicated to me, my personal time, things I may have been putting off while social media got my attention, and more. So far it has been great. Yeah  it gets a little boring at times and I also like to “stay in the mix.” But this time away has really given me a good space to regroup and refocus. I hope this blog gave you something to think about. Happy socializing -Lori G. Clark

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