Social Media Self Control

Do you put much thought and energy into your social media activity and how it affects you?  Wisely choose who you follow. Don’t look at posts or people that you know trigger your insecurities. Can you cut your follows down to close friends and inspiring people? These are some safe practices to consider putting into place:

-Don’t look at social media first thing in the morning, and not after 8 PM.  Evenings are a vulnerable time when your emotions can be magnified after a long day of conquering the world.  Give yourself a much-deserved break.


-If you are in a low place, limit social media.  Like drinking, it is not wise to do it when you are sad or emotional.


-Be mindful of how you feel about people before you look them up. 


-Be responsible with your posts. Check your intentions at the keyboard.


-Take intentional phone breaks and enforce your boundaries.


-The notifications should be off. This will allow you to engage with social media on your terms instead of being overwhelmed by it.


-Phones are off-limits when you are eating (did I need to say that?).


-Followers are not friends. Don’t confuse the two. 


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