Growing up, Mommy and Daddy always taught us to be strong.  Mommy would always say, “You don’t worry, pray.  God will show you.  Don’t worry, I know.  Your strong.”  As I am writing her words down I can see Mommy’s calm expressions while she is shaking her head from side to side up and down.  Utilizing her hands to speak to me in her language.  Sign language!

She would also remind me that I was different.  Not like her other children.  My siblings.  She never said that it was good or bad either!  But both my parents trusted me.  They knew that they could depend on me to get the job done.  And I would intentionally do my best to get the results they wanted.

You see, I always felt like I had to defend, protect and serve.  Who?  My parents.  Myself!  And sometimes other family members.

As for my parents I was their listening ear!  I was their voice to speak up for them within reasons!  Now I am aware that they managed very well before I came along.  But it was something going on in the world of our relationships, (Daddy, Mommy & Me) that force me to always be comfortable in my own skin.  Being myself.

There was always a lot of self evaluation going on with me.  Because I felt like I had to be my parents best representative ever in life.  Because even as a child they gave me their trust.  They trusted me to do what they ask.  To speak up for them as they would for themselves.   Giving me the words they wanted me to use.  Interpreting on their behalf.  My parents believed in me.  They said I could do it.

As a young girl, I was self taught.  Yes!  I went to school.  But I’m talking about the game of life.  I had to evaluate the situations I were to interpret.  Being my parents representative.  I had to have hope for the results my parents were expecting to have!  I had to train myself to always be well prepared and ready to learn something new all the time.  I enjoyed it most of the time. 

I know It’s a lot of the letter I in this story,  and it’s mine to tell. This is, some of what, makes me, who I am today! Strong and Different.

It’s tough when others can’t see who you really are just by looking at you.  And depending on your literary expressions can be misinterpreted if its not made clear.  That is one of the main reasons I want to strengthen my speakers voice.

Out of that, caused me to mature at a faster rate.  I became a child with an adults mentality.  Never disrespectful!  Just always prepared for the hurdles that come in general.

It was a way of living life for me.  My parents never forced any of this on me.  I wanted to be their voice of reason.  I highly respected them for the individuals they were, specifically seeing how people who didn’t understand them would treat us until they got to know us.  They were the strong ones.  They were different.  But they really knew how to just be themselves.  And I truly respected them for that.  I’ve gotta go.  Please be blessed by my share.  A little more insight on why I could be your perfect life coach!  (?)…Blessings. 🙏🙏🙏😇   ✌&❤

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