In a relationship, it’s easy to get spending time together and quality connection time confused. Just because you are around your partner or doing errands with them doesn’t count as quality connection time. Quality Connection Time would involve you and your partner being in a space where you can be emotionally intimate with them. Emotional intimacy is when you’re in a space with your partner and you both feel safe enough to express what’s on your mind without fear of judgement. Most couples don’t reach that level of intimacy because pride, ego, emotional maturity or your relationship priorities get in the way of maintaining that connection with your partner. Most couples start as friends, progress to partners then to lovers. To maintain those connections with your partner you need regular consistent maintenance just like you maintain your vehicle. Your partner wants and needs your attention on all levels to feel whole in the relationship. With this in mind, the next time you have a free moment with your partner, create a space for quality connection time with your partner with no cell phones, limited tv and limited distractions so that you can truly listen to your partners needs. If done consistently, the difference will be seen in how your needs are met in your relationship.

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