Spiritual Warfare is Not a Game

This will resonate with those who have a true anointing over their lives. Now more than ever I understand that we truly are in spiritual warfare. God’s presence is so powerful that people will tend to remove themselves from your company. 

Recognize that you need to put on the full armor of God. This can only be attained through intimacy with Him. Meditating in His Word. 

Malevolent spirits are aware of you, and they will shun you. Or worse. Trust me when I say that even if the person does not know you, the spirit that dwells within them knows when you are of God. 

Many are not understanding the dangers of attempting to confront and even access these spirits without God’s protection. With feigned love for Jesus. And beguile and deceit in their hearts. Looking to be honored by men. Inviting hostile and demonic beings into their lives. 
In the end, they are taken over, possessed by the thing that they are attempting to conquer. And eventually destroyed. 

You must remain humble as you become more aware of this phenomenon. Because the flesh fights within you every day to be exalted and recognized. Pride is malignant and cancerous. 

So many claims to be pastors, prophets, clairvoyants, and more. But what is missing (other than flattering words of affirmation) is the actual Word of the Lord. This adulation is worded as such, that it emboldens people to believe that they are “gods” over their own lives. In control of divine decrees and the afterlife (or their eternal resting places). 

Remember. Spiritual warfare is incarnate and irrefutable. For this very reason, you must be okay with being set apart.

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