Stand For What You Know

Do you practice what you preach? Are you confident in the knowledge/wisdom that you bestow upon others? A good rule of thumb when giving others advise is to be confident in the truth of what you tell others that you stand for.  Does the knowledge of what you preach go beyond the understanding of a two year old? Always have personal experience in what you confidently advise others to do.  When you don’t have full knowledge of something you choose to stand for, do some research.  You may find out that what you stand for actually goes against deep rooted morals or values.  You may also find out that what you thought was true is actually a lie being told to the masses for the purposes of a greater plan. Not all plans are meant for good. Don’t read between the lines here. Actually take this advice for exactly what it is saying to you.  If you stand for something (whatever it may be), be responsible with your choice(s) and fully research as much as you can – before you advise others on your stance or opinion.  Nothing teaches better than personal life experience. Last, always consider the source of all information and use discernment before you accept it as truth.

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