Standards and Priorities

Setting standards and priorities is must in order to have fruitful relationships.

A big part of growing is taking every situation and getting a lesson from it, but in order to learn it is important to know where you failed in the first place.

Before getting into a new relationship or dating, it is important to define and set your standards and priorities. What will you allow? What are you looking for? What do you desire to obtain from a relationship? 

These are just sample questions to ask ourselves before getting romantically involved, we must understand and set what we will allow and what we wont allow. It is easy to accept anything that is given to us, even if its less than, if we don’t know what we want or who we are.

Take a moment today, sit down, and think thoroughly how your past relationships have been. What have you allowed in the past, that you wish to change in future relationship. 

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