Standing on Your Own

You’re Strong Enough To Stand On Your Own – The  

Power Of Self-Trust, Confidence, and Understanding Your 

Inner Strength

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”- Mahatma Gandhi.

Regardless of whether you are someone young just starting to venture out into the world or someone pressing the restart button, standing on your own is something that can be quite terrifying (It was for me too!). This is the idea that you trust yourself to make the right choices, live independently, and build a happiness-rich future that enables you to truly accentuate this amazing human experience all while feeding your soul’s purpose. Now, the good news is that everyone has the inner strength and confidence to do just that and more. But the problem is that…

…not everyone believes that they do, at least not at first.

In short, standing on your own can feel like a foreign utopia that is viewed through a glass window but never reached. This is especially true if your entire life has been dependent on someone else up until now. But I am here to tell you that no matter what your background is or what stage you are at in life, you are strong enough to stand on your own, and the first step to proving that to yourself is learning how to tap into your inner strength and confidence that has been within you since day one.

How To Tap Into Your Inner Strength

1. Forget The Idea Of Being Perfect – Perfect Doesn’t Exist

One of the first things you will need to succumb to is the false ideology that you have to be perfect in order to run your own successful life on your own terms. I get it; the notion that confident people have life all pulled together in a beautiful bow is something that I myself fell victim to during my own journey. But the reality is that inner strength and confidence is not a result of being perfect on every front – not even close. Instead, it is the act of learning from your mistakes, using life lessons as stepping stones to propel yourself forward, and the endless desire to continue growing as you travel through this thing called life.

In short, let go of the idea of being perfect in order to stand on your own because no one is perfect. Just do the best you can, follow your heart and purpose, and above all else, trust yourself that you will do what is best for you to build that independent future you are striving for.

2. Embrace What Scares You

Do you truly want to see what you are made of and stand on your own with confidence? Then the best thing you can truly do for yourself is to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace what scares you. No matter what is holding you back from unleashing your full potential, face it head on. Doing so is the very act that will help you become stronger, meet new people, and ultimately tap into a side of yourself that you have never explored before due to fear. Even more, embracing and overcoming what scares you is the door that leads you to more opportunities and self-growth that you may have never known existed until that point.

My take? Don’t have to take a full dive into the unknown unless you feel ready to. As an alternative, try taking baby steps going outside of your bubble, build yourself up to experience new things, people, and places that fill your heart and soul. And the best part is you can continue that path, you will ultimately gain higher levels of inner strength and confidence to explore that more. All in all, everything you ever wanted in life is sitting right on the other side of fear, and all you have to do is cross that line to recognize that.

3. Trust Yourself And Your Intuitions

Trust is everything. Simply put, if you do not trust yourself or your intuitions, then you will inadvertently be holding yourself back more than any other person or environment would. Overall, if you lack trust in yourself, then it should be one of the first thing to work on when it comes to standing on your own with confidence. Some core ways you can do that include letting go of any toxic influence, processing your fears, avoid compartmentalizing others’ irrelevant opinions, work on trusting that you will make good decisions for yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others.

In general, remember who you are at the core, remind yourself what your innate values and purpose entail, and don’t forget to forgive yourself if something doesn’t go as planned. In addition, practice raw compassion towards yourself as you would someone you love, stay open to learning and growing as a person, and keep pushing forward with the fullest intent that every action that you are pursuing is in the best interest for you and your future.

4. Reduce the ‘What If ‘ Mindset

The ‘what if ‘ mindset can be debilitating, especially if it bleeds into your decisions, emotions, and of course, your inner strength and confidence. Don’t get me wrong, exploring your options and weighing out the pros and cons of each decisions you make is vital to succeeding in standing on your own two feet. However, scoping out the best path forward and/or creating a backup plan is not the same as the ‘what if ‘ mindset that prevents you from making a decision at all.

Yes, the ‘what if ‘ mindset forces you to think of things ahead of time, and it can be beneficial when it comes to things like finances. But using that line of thinking as your moral compass rather than a pit stop is what can cause a domino effect to chronic negative thinking, lack of self-confidence, lost self-trust, and can stop you from reaching your peak potential – but only if you let it. So, don’t necessarily eliminate the ‘what if ‘ mindset, but reduce it to a point where it does not reflect on your self-worth or confidence. Use it as a tool to excel and forecast your future, but don’t let it become the river of your life choices; that seat should be yours and yours only.

5. Don’t Forget That Standing On Your Own Does Not Equate To Being Alone

As A final note, finding the internal strength and confidence to stand on your own is amazing, but don’t let that hinder your bravery to ask for help when or if you need it. In the end, everyone has what it takes to take control of their own life, live out their purpose and stand on their own two feet. However, part of that long standing journey could very well require a supportive ear or professional mentor to help guide on the right track and stay there. That is not shameful; it’s smart.

That said, there are so many resources out there that can help you along, so don’t be afraid to seek them out if you find yourself getting stuck at any point. Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather an impeccable strength and sign of courage that ultimately helps you foster the incredible, self-sustaining life you have always dreamed of.

You Were Given This Life Because You Were Strong Enough To Live It

I get it; the concept of standing on your own is scary. The reality of having to rely on just yourself and being yourself and being your own biggest motivator even in times when you are feeling defeated can feel like an impossible task to take on. But I can promise you that you do have it within you to excel independently – we all do. And if you truly want to optimize that gift, then don’t be afraid to dive deep within yourself, surface that inner strength and confidence, and never forget to trust yourself along the way. Those are your divine tools, your all-purpose keys to unlocking a healthy, self-sustaining, and enriching life.

In the end, never forget that you are powerful, fearless and filled with so much confidence and potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. Now, if there is one last thing you should take away from this piece, it is that you are more than strong enough to stand on your own. After all, this life was made specifically for you to experience, and you were born with all the right assets to live it to the fullest. Once you realize that you already have what it takes to thrive on your own and begin capitalizing on it, then get ready to witness just what you are truly capable of.

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