Starting Over After Heartbreak

The toughest part about starting over can be knowing where to begin picking up the pieces.
One thing I’ve learned about life is that it is not always peaches and cream, ice cream and butterflies! Life is hard and life can be extremely difficult. Especially after you’ve gotten a couple heartbreaks under your belt. You may find yourself in a slump trying to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and start over again. The toughest part about starting over can be knowing where to start to pick up the pieces.
If you’re anything like me, then you have found yourself in these types of situations more often than you would liked. I could give you a list of tips and tricks that you could use to go about starting over after pain and heartbreak, but I choose not to do that in this blog. Instead, I choose to give you a piece of information that was EXTREMELY helpful for me when I found myself in this all too familiar situation yet again.
I was not satisfied with my life at all. I wasn’t happy. I was angry and snappy all of the time and I didn’t like the woman that was looking at me in the mirror. I began to cry out to God from my soul. I was tired. I was spiritually tired. As a matter of fact, I was worn out. My finances were okay but I wasn’t happy because I knew that they could have been better. I had began to lose control of my children. The way I felt on the inside was beginning to ruin my life on the outside. I knew I had to make a change, but I had no idea how.
As I was scrolling one day on social media, I came across a video of this guy. The guy appeared to be not wrapped too tight. He was loud and over energetic. I mean he was all over the place. Normally I would’ve scrolled right along but there was something eerie about this particular video. There was something far bigger and beyond me that was drawing me to this video and I couldn’t help but to click on the message and hear more. I know now why I was so drawn to that video. That one click changed my entire life!
After watching the video, I decided to take a chance and join this guy’s program. Man, was that the best decision of my life!!! From Day 1, I began to change. My mindset was completely shifted in a matter of days. For some reason, I had no desire to do the things that I was doing before. I began to feel more confident. I began to feel more loved, more beautiful, more successful! All of a sudden, that devastating heartbreak that I thought I could never get past seemed like a walk in the park. I was a changed woman!
After that one click, my life instantly changed forever! I know now more than ever that it was God! He gave me new found knowledge because He knew that the traditions and religious rituals that I had grown so accustomed to would never work for me and would never bring about any REAL change in my life. So, He spoke through this loony, over-energetic guy on my news feed. They weren’t joking when they said God works in mysterious ways. He’s a “by any means necessary” type of God and He knew the means it would take to change my mindset.
After changing my mindset, I realized that you can overcome ANY obstacle and ANY situation in your life by simply shifting your thinking. So many of us rely on “religion” only to change us but you will NEVER make a real, long-lasting change until you address the mindset that is producing the behavior. I realized that my MINDSET was broken and it was the reason that I was attracting broken guys into my life who were only going to “break me even more.” What I thought was love was actually the complete opposite, it was self-hate.
Once you shift your thinking and get new knowledge, you can then fully understand what true love is and what it should feel like. You get to know the REAL YOU, not the “you” that’s always sought to be in a relationship. It is then that you realize how you’ve lived your entire life unconsciously. I don’t want you to live that way. Once I discovered “The Secret” for myself, I just knew that I had to share this new found knowledge with others! I have put together this same coaching program that has helped me to change my life and take my power back, and I have tweaked it to fit any individual. This method works for all problems across the board, not just heartbreaks. Any situation, any problem and any dilemma that you may find yourself in can be changed by simply changing the mindset that produced the behavior. When you conquer your mind, you’re on your way to conquering your circumstances!! Say bye bye to heartbreak!!

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