Stay Focused

What is it that your really wanted to do? Where is it that you really wanted to be in life, right now? Well you can get there and what waits at the end, "Success!"

Stay Focused

I said I was going to do something when I walked into this kitchen, “Now what was it again?” Sometimes this happens to the best of us at what age, well, it may have to do a little with your age, but it also may have to do with what you are putting in your mouth. The foods and snacks and liquids that we partake of has a lot to do with our memory. If only fried foods didn’t taste so delicious then I wouldn’t desire them. My mind knows better, but my body doesn’t listen. Well at least water is my best friend and we go way back, so far back till the reason my skin is so clear and young looking you can’t really tell my age. Foods aren’t the problem though. These small things can be fixed because with age comes maturity mentally and physically.

The main thing I needed focus on was my day and placing everything on a calendar was not the only way to get focused and in order. I had to remind myself of the bigger picture. I had to place notes and pictures in my car, on my pillow, on my coffee cup, water bottles, all the places and spots I mainly get through my day. Staying focused requires great discipline, whether you have something going on or you’re just chilling for the day. In order to make me better I had to push me or plant the new me in the ground in order to Go Grow a more fertile life. This took a great deal of work but with hard work comes reward. Reward that gives me the opportunity to pass on my guidance, my help, and whatever further will Grow someone else into their perfect self. Being a vessel is always the best seat to be in.  In order to Stay Focused you must remember the end of the journey to get through the journey. Paint that picture in your head then start walking.

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