Stay true to the mission!

Nothing happens overnight. Keep to your vision!

God has provided us all with a purpose. The most important part of that purpose is believing. It can sometimes be bigger than ourselves and there are moments of doubt. You began to ask yourself, “Am i good enough?” or “Is this going to work?” We question God if we don’t receive that instant gratification. The true test is in your faith. We never look at the positive of why things take time and patience and hard work. Sometimes we look at others success and try to measure it against ours.  Trust me I understand that feeling of putting in a lot of your time and feeling like it’s just not good enough. Everybody has their season. Look at the bright side of things, what if you were thrown out there before you really grew in your craft and it failed because you weren’t working from a place of patience because you just wanted to receive the praise? What if you didn’t put in enough hard work and it was just handed to you so easily, would you really appreciate it knowing you didn’t really earn it? Ask yourself those things. In most cases God wants us to stay in hiding until he’s ready to send you out into the world full throttle. So find those things you need to work on in that slow season maybe it could be your character or your work ethic even. Would you sustain when things pick up to where you would like them to be. Be honest with yourself. Maybe It has nothing to do with things not working but maybe you just need to grow. Stay true to the mission and you will gain genuine support. Don’t get discouraged in your season be encouraged to become your best self. Being an entrepreneur takes patience and confidence in what you have to produce to the world so that you can deliver in its best form. What is rushed will be exposed as rushed. We all have to start from the bottom and the “now you’re here” is the reward. Stay to the course you will be revealed in due time. Happy New Year! Much success in 2021❤️🎊

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