Stay Tuned

“Tune into the voice of God and start living a sweet life with Jesus Christ today."

Are you tuned in sis? Who exactly are you tuned in to bruh? Are you aware of the spirit of the anti-Christ? It is a counterfeit and this spirit roams the earth to see who it is that it can devour. If you have no light you are an easy target, if your light shines bright you are dangerous to this spirit, and it wants to DIM you. It wants to deceive you and stir you in the wrong direction. It knows it cannot stop your purpose but it will do anything to stall your purpose because this evil spirit knows it is already defeated, it doesn’t want you to inherit your power from Christ Jesus. So this spirit will feed you lies, the lies of the enemy. This spirit will try to convince you that you are weak. Beware for this spirit does not come as you may think evil spirits should come. This spirit comes disguised as an ANGEL of light. Or this spirit comes in a subtle way as a simple distraction or simple harmless thought. The goal of this spirit is to kill your PURPOSE. To steal, kill and destroy YOU sis, you bruh! But don’t worry or be anxious for this spirit has no power over you, God’s chosen. This spirit is afraid of you because your destiny is written your purpose is sure. The enemy knows that your purpose was meant to expose his plan and bring God glory, he hates that. So be brave my brothers and sisters in Christ! Do not fear for this spirit’s time on the earth is short, it can not harm you for God is always near. When you come in contact with this spirit recognize it and rebuke it in Jesus name. For the power of Jesus is in you, it was given to you. Pray to your Father and I assure you the spirit will flee from you. The HOLY SPIRIT is a minister, let Him minister to your soul so you can recognize and flee the influences of the enemy. You see siblings we do not battle against flesh and blood, yet we are fighting a fixed fight because we were promised the victory, so praise Jesus! Prayer is our weapon the word of God is all we need to defeat the enemy. So stay tuned into the voice of God, let every part of you that is tuned into the spirit of the anti-Christ die once and for all. Put down the things and people who make you vulnerable to spiritual attack. Don’t you know that our Father wants to raise up strong children who will not perish in battle! So put down the things of the flesh, you know what they are, I know I do! (secular music, drugs, pornography, sexual immorality, fornication, disobedience, gossip, lying, fear, anxiety, selfishness, injustice, impurity, false doctrine, etc…) Put down these things and begin to feed your spirit with the things of God. Tune in to the Holy Spirit daily as you spend time doing devotions. Listen to gospel music, read Christian books, listen to inspirational podcasts. There is so much you can do to get into the presence of the Lord and stay there, There is so much you can do to get into the presence of the Lord and stay there, for that is where you are safe, that is where God puts his strength where you are weak. So tune your ear into the voice of Heaven not to this world. Do not be foolish and say it’s not that big of a deal because you will fall behind and you will not reap the harvest God has planned for you. That is exactly what the enemy wants, don’t let him rob you of your destiny. If you tune into the Lord’s voice you I’ll know which way to go, let the Shepard lead you. However, He can not lead you if you are not listening, if you can’t hear Him, so clear out the STATIC so you can hear him fully, He is waiting to speak to you. Don’t you want it ALL in life? Well you can have it but you won’t receive it if you are double minded. You can not serve two masters. So who will you listen to Holy Ghost or the spirit of the Anti-Christ?

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