Stay Woke

"Change your words, change your world"

Have you ever heard, “change your words, change your world.” Have you tried it?

I did. I mean, I attempted…………got distracted, lost focus, nothing changed quick enough, lost motivation, etc. I always seem to find myself in the same cycles at some point. I would get pulled into the cycle because nothing really changed about my words or deeds. I have always wanted to believe that there is something more for me, that this couldn’t be all to my life. The cycle included the ups and downs of self-confidence, self-esteem, fear of the unknown, not believing that I had what it takes.


Then one day, while low key looking for my next fix, I came across something called growth mindset. I was captivated by it and wanted to know more. I began to educate myself, which meant, I watched the entire Ted Talk and/or YouTube video about it, LOL. Well, I became even more interested in it because it meant that there was hope for me. Now, I began to dig deep and find more resources regarding mindset. Whatever I felt I might be lacking, I could learn/develop the necessary skills to finally move forward.

I began to apply what I was learning, I even felt my perspective shifting based on what I was reading. I became excited and knew that I was onto something great. My story wasn’t over, there was still a chance for me to fight my way out of this cycle, by developing a growth mindset. I started to dream again, I started to believe that I could if I kept trying, that I could actually have what it takes.


Carol Dweck is widely known for her work in this field. Through her research, she identified two mindsets: fixed and growth. A fixed mindset is, “believing your qualities are carved in stone,” while a growth mindset is “the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts” (Dweck, 2016, pp. 6-7).


Having a growth mindset involves understanding that taking appropriate risks sometimes leads to failure. The difference is in how a person with a growth mindset defines and rebounds from that failure. People who consistently develop and maintain a growth mindset share the following characteristics (Dweck, 2016, p. 245).


What this simply meant to be me was that I was looking at, “change your words, change your world” the wrong way. It meant, I needed to attach actions/motion with the words in order to change my world consistently. I never saw it that way and certainly never did it that way. I know this may seem small to some but it was big for me. It meant that I should keep trying, I could change my mindset, there is a formula, road map, instructions and direction on how to truly change my world.

Below are a few things that helped me to shift my mindset:

  • Embrace challenges
  • Persist in the face of setbacks
  • See effort as the path to mastery

If this sounds like you, hopefully we can connect, discover, develop and conquer what you thought was impossible. I needed to Stay Woke!

Until next time, remain teachable, trainable & coachable!

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