Staying Focused

Overcoming adversities through involvement with our children, while also providing safety and building trust through Parenting.

In the past several months we have all endured the wrath of the pandemic in multiple of ways, our children have also had to make many new adjustments. School days have appeared different whether it was face to face (in class) or E-Learning through use of technology at home, many of the children began to experience depression on many different levels, it all began with trying things differently. 

Best practice in areas like this is to build upon the strengths the child have shown when adversities arose in the past, ask questions of them with “Are you ok with blah-blah blah?” Listen more than you may choose, even when there’s a pause in their conversation, allow the child time to gather their thoughts and then respond. Perhaps sharing the experiences that you as a parent have endured, whether it be from work or just changes at home this may possibly open the conversation a bit more. Being relatable to our children gives so many opportunities to “plug back in” where attention may have been lacking.

Challenges are assigned to be experienced and learned from, pushing us through to better experiences in the future.

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