Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

Why you need to leave your comfort zone & what you can do to live the life you dream of

“I’m so comfortable with where I am in my life” “I don’t need to change” “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”


Can you relate to these statements?


I most definitely can. I used to have a completely different mindset, where my thoughts were consumed by having ENOUGH instead of having what I truly DESIRE. I could depend on a paycheck coming in consistently, food on the table, all my bills being covered, and my family being healthy and happy. I was happy, though I felt like I was missing something…what could it be?!


This was me 2 years ago, living in a sunless basement apartment in Boston, working as a server and executive assistant with no family & barely any friends around me, with a job I wasn’t passionate about, and a desire for more. I couldn’t pinpoint what that “more” could possibly be, but I knew I had to find it. 

If you can relate to how I felt then, you can make it to where I am now. Fully confident in my day-to-day life. I am prioritizing the strengthening of my faith, working to build my own business so I can provide more for myself than what any job could give me, and focusing on how to be my best so I can give my best to those around me. 


The million dollar question is, “what do I need to do to fulfill this emptiness I feel?”


First thing’s first…if you’re feeling comfortable, you need to get rid of that feeling. Comfort is directly connected to stagnancy, meaning you are not progressing! If you want more out of life, YOU often need to make it happen for yourself. I am a firm believer in prayer and blind faith getting us further in life, but you have to put in the work.


Here are some tangibles to work into your daily routine to see growth in yourself and your situation: 


* plan your entire day, start to finish! Bring intention to your actions from the moment you open your eyes – pray, meditate, read, journal, make a smoothie, take a walk…the options are endless, but make sure it’s planned and intentional to feel a change in your spirit. This will MAJORLY play a role in the rest of your day!


* write a to-do list every single day, for the next day! You wake up and already know the goals you want to hit, and maybe even exceed. Working without a plan can often end in failure, which leaves us feeling defeated. Failure is part of success, but if you write down what you need to do and don’t achieve those goals, you know you were in control and you did not work to your fullest potential. This should push you to work harder to reach those goals the next day, or even stay awake until you are able to show yourself how successful you can be. 


* take care of yourself! Eat a balanced diet – research what you should be consuming throughout each day. Drink your water, get enough sleep, and pamper yourself, because you deserve the best of the best! This will pump you up to work even harder, and once you reach certain heights, you’re able to pamper yourself at a whole new level! 


* be patient with yourself! Understand your weaknesses, and give yourself grace. Recognize the imperfection that is inevitably part of your being, and map out ways to try and overcome the battles you will face because it is not part of your strengths. FOR EXAMPLE: I have always said I am not good a writing – I am more of a math & science type of person…so what did I do about it? I started writing! To prove to myself that I can train this habit into a strength. Practice makes better!


I would love to hear some of the things you do to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone in order to excel to life’s next level. Give yourself the opportunity to be different, and achieve greatness! 

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