Steps for Success: Part 1

Is there a secret to success? Find out the first step to guaranteed success.

Steps for Success: Part 1

During times of difficulty, it can be easy to get caught in thoughts of lack, misfortune and failure. Perhaps you are like me and often find yourself in paralysis from analysis. Is there a magical way to change things around? Yes, but it is not magic. It is choice.

Every second of every day we have the opportunity to make choices. We might not realize the power of choice until we do not have it. For example, while taking an economics course in undergraduate, I learned that businesses know the power of giving limited choices to consumers.

Consumers often believe they want more variety and options: choices. But in reality, when you go to the store, think about how hard it is to make a decision about what kind of tomato to get. At first you might feel like there are not enough options when you cannot make up your mind. You say to yourself, “If only they had what I was looking for.” But honestly, you do not even know what you are looking for most of the time. If you did, your choice would be easy. You would say, “I’m making a Caprese salad so I need beefsteak tomatoes.” You would not even care that there are five other varieties available that day. Corporations have done the research and know this from an economic and practical point of view.

In our daily lives, limited choice can be beneficial. As David Osborn said, “You’re not short on knowledge or capability; you’re short on making a choice.” There are so many times when people just sit on the fence. They are absolutely paralyzed from the fear of making a choice. Their mind becomes constantly confused and every decision feels like the options are equivalent to being trapped between a rock and a hard place. And this sets the stage for the first step for success in your life.

The first way to guarantee success for yourself, no matter what it might be, is to define what success means for you. That’s right. You need to decide what success looks like. What others determine success to be easily sets many individuals up for failure and feelings of inadequacy.

If you want to start a business, how would you know you are successful? Most people might say when they are making a lot of money. But what’s considered a lot of money? And why is the focus money? Maybe selling one product can determine your idea of success. Or perhaps your success is measured by how uplifted you feel by offering a particular service.

To ensure your personal success, make sure you are the one to make the decision about what successful is.

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