Stop 🛑 Dating down

The customer always complains that the price is  too high, but then he goes off & brags about the bargain he got.      * Proverbs 20:14 * 

Too often we speak about knowing our worth. But do we really value ourselves and know what we deserve? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t but one thing for sure… Our actions will reveal the truth.

Ask yourself the hard questions and evaluate your choices in dating and friendships. 

There was a time in my life where I convinced myself my standards were too high and dated a few “different” types of men. 



These men did acknowledge that they had a good thing. But they didn’t want to do the necessary work to maintain and build pass the intial phase of our relationship. The honeymoon phase is great but it does not last forever. 

Any relationship worth having is worth working for, but what I learned was some men just like a challenge. Once they get the number, a date, the kiss or your cookie… They move on. 

We cheat ourselves when we put ourselves on clearance. The right person will “pay” because they know your value and will cherish you. 

Then on top of that they will be thrilled to continue to grow and build with you. They will study you and take pleasure in making your heart smile. 

Love yourself enough to wait for the right person. Don’t jump into situationships just so you’re not alone. 

There was a story of an old man who was dying and gave his grandson a family watch. When the grandson took the watch to a pawn shop, they offered him $10. But when he took the watch to a museum, they offered him 10 million dollars. 

The one for you will see you as the beautiful treasure you are, WAIT ON THAT ONE. 

Don’t be in a rush

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