Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Weight loss Journey (3 REASONS)

It is easy to get sucked into comparing your journey to someone else especially on social media but here is where I share why you should not compare your self to other's while on your weightloss journey

She loses weight so fast. I wish my butt looked big. Her butt looks nice in those jeans, my butt is flat. She said she took these pills, I will try it too. Her pictures look good on Tiktok or Snapchat. Her life seems fabulous since she lost weight. Why can’t I look like the Instagram models (baddies) or the cute snapchat or tiktok girl….



STOP it I say … you stop it right damn now.

If you have made any of these comments above or had similar thoughts that have ran through your mind I ask that you please stop being hard on yourself.

Your journey is your journey.

If you need to un-follow a few people or take a social media detox to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others weight loss then it may be time to do so.

3 reasons you MUST Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Weight loss

#1 Timing– Stop comparing yourself to others weights loss because you may have just started your journey 1 month ago and the person you are comparing yourself to may be 2 months, 6 months or even 1 year in to their journey so you can’t compare your 1 month to someone else’s 1 year.

#2 Pictures– Stop comparing yourself to others weights loss pictures because these pictures floating around can be misleading. Someone probably took 35 selfies and only chose the best 1 to post on social media.


Here let me show you … you see this picture above. I took that picture 10+ times and of course I picked the 1 that I thought look the best and was Instagram worthy.

We want to post the cutest pictures on the gram (follow me @gojenbefit) all just to prove some superficial point. But this same superficial point makes some of us feel bad about ourselves when we scroll through and look at others so I ask you again please Stop comparing yourself to others weights loss

#3 Fake news– Some people don’t tell you the complete truth about their weight loss journey so Stop comparing yourself to others weights loss because people won’t tell you they starved themselves to get in a dress or took some garcinia cambogia pills to speed up their weight loss or they are taking lipo injections. People are providing you with fake news aka fake weight loss positivity.

Well my dear some people want to make the journey seem likes it’s all butterfly’s and rainbows. FAKE NEWS boo… the journey will be rewarding and boost your self-esteem and confidence BUT it will also make you feel down some days, make you question why you started and don’t get me started on how many times you may start and stop or contemplating on throwing away all your progress for some gummy bears, a bacon cheese burger with avocado and a double vanilla shake (this is familiar to me). BUT you won’t because your success story is up next and we can’t have your stopping or comparing yourself to others weight loss because you will be inspiring someone to keep going by sharing your truths about the weight loss journey and not fake news.


Moral of those post is Stop comparing yourself to others weights loss journey. 

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