If you continue to wait for others to support you or be happy for you IT MAY NEVER COME. So you must learn how to be proud of yourself, and make up your mind to live that way.

To many times we get excited about a vision God has given us, and we want to share it with others. Alot of times this may be because we want to feel some sort of satisfaction. Its not like that for everyone, but it is for most. Many haven’t grew up in a home where validation was given out frequently, so its a foreign thing. This can lead to you wanting to always a share things with people even when you know they are speaking evil against you. You can’t be so quick to share intricate details prematurely. It can cause your baby to be born a stillbirth! Learn to build and be proud of yourself for overcoming the odds of even having the desire to do more in life. That’s a big accomplishment in its self. When God designed you he knew you were going to do great things, you’re just finding this out, but he knew. Do yourself a favor and know that, so that way you can be happy for you, when nobody seems to be happy for you. You’ve already been APPROVED, no need to wait for mans approval or validation. (Go get it) 

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