They are our biggest critics. They always have something negative to say about 

everything. If they think you are not good enough for the job, it is always an

excuse of why not you. When its time to get that mortgage for a new house they 

so scared you might achieve something most people want all their adult life. 

Sometimes opportunity may present itself for you to be great in your life, the only 

problem is you may have to uproot your family and relocate. It maybe you want 

to do a makeover, by cutting your long hair just to spice it up. Then they would 

find something negative to say about that also.

We just cannot win because everybody has an opinion about your life and the 

way you are living it. We sometimes value other people opinion because you do 

not trust your own thoughts, your own opinion, your own ambitions. Are they 

going to help you with your finances, children, household, or your career? I’LL 


Your biggest critic is YOU.STOP STOPPING YOU.

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