Struggle Has Value

Did you know that stretching causes growth? Despite this fact, many people run away from conflict, pain, or anything that causes discomfort. I once heard someone say that we “must become comfortable being uncomfortable.” This simply means that we should not run from moments that cause us to stretch outside of our comfort zones. Inside our comfort zones are mediocre aspects of living. If you do what everyone else does, you will be like everyone else.

For those of us that are seeking greatness, we should acquaint ourselves with the idea of experiencing a little pain and struggle in order to get to where it is we are seeking to go. This means not dashing at the first sign of struggle or discomfort. Those of us that want more than the norm, we recognize that the pain we must endure now qualifies us for the victory we can experience later. I’m not saying we go looking for trials, but I am saying that we don’t run from the very appearance of them either. Know that tests are necessary for graduation not only in school, but in business, and your common pursuits of life. Endure and mature through every battle and you will be better off for it on the other side.

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