Stuck in the middle of the ocean

I get strange dreams sometimes. For example, last night I had a dream that I was stuck in the middle of the ocean, drowning. It was gloomy and I was all alone. I could see the shore in the distance, but it felt like I would never make it there because it was miles and miles away. Then I looked to my left and I saw a tiny sand island very close to me, there was a little house there, it looked safe and comfortable. Out of desperation I swam to it and for a moment it seemed like all of my problems were gone. I sat in that little house away from the deep waters, and for a moment it even became sunny. But the longer I sat there the more it dawned on me; I’m stuck here forever. I stepped outside and looked at how far the shore was one more time, and thought to myself “ that’s my real life out there and I am stuck here…” So I decided “ I would rather die trying to swim to that side where my life is at than spend the rest of my days on this island all alone.” I told myself “ you can do this, you’ll get there, God will help you” and I started swimming on my back to stay afloat longer. I couldn’t see how much more I had to swim, but I knew I would feel the sand once I reached the shore. As I was swimming, within a minute or two, to my surprise, I reached the shore alive. I couldn’t figure out how I got there so fast… So I looked up and I was shocked at the reality I saw. It turns out the house in the middle of the ocean was in reality just a couple of feet away from the shore…And I thought I was stuck in the middle of the ocean…It was either that the shore was not far or God made it possible for me to swim to the shore by brining it closer to me, I couldn’t figure it out, but what I know is that what seemed impossible became possible.
I woke up with a profound revelation from this, it applies to our lives so well. Sometimes we want to reach for more and know that the shore that seems so far away is our future and where we want to be. But because of the doubt and tribulation that comes with swimming across to get to our destination, we tend to escape to a convenient place for temporary comfort, giving up on everything we want, afraid to risk something. But as you can see, sometimes in our minds we make the shore seem further than it actually is, or even if it is realy far we doubt we can do it. Our fear magnifies the challenge. But the moment we are willing to risk and give it our all, we see that we are more capable than we think. And even if it seems like we will die, we have to trust that God will help us. Our only option is getting to the shore, whatever it takes, your future is there! Comfort will bring unfulfillment.

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