Summer Sun and Skin

Yes, it is definitely hot outside. Everyone knows that they should not leave the house without sunscreen. But what about in the house quarantine?

Here are some tips for navigating your skincare during summer quarantine.

First,make sure you apply a sunscreen daily.

Right now, I’m barely making it past the mailbox and grocery store these days. Even sitting indoors I apply a zinc oxide. You can obviously see sunlight coming through the windows. That sunlight is also hitting the areas of your skin. Although not as damaging as being outdoors. Yet and still, you can’t escape the sun in your house.

On the phone, tablet or computer? Then you are exposed to blue light from your devices as well.  

What is the damage from sun and blue light doing? They are breaking down collagen in the skin. Therefore creating lines, discoloration, under eye darkness, and neck bands.

Make sure you apply a mineral type sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days. Tap lightly around eye orbital area. Massage gently on neck and decollete.

Reapply as needed

Technically, you have a 2 hour window for the sunscreen to be effective. With that being said, keep tabs on the clock. Or reapply before your mailbox and grocery store run.

How to remove

Do not fall asleep with the sunscreen on. I would recommend doing a double cleanse. Use some type of light facial oil and a sulfate free face wash.


Wake up the next day and start over!





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