Tackle Those Fears Head On!

It's possible that your assumptions can be hurting you more than the truth of the actual story.

🖤If you’ve read my book #LovingMe or been following me, you know there was a season in my life where I was on anxiety and depression medication and was having panic attacks daily and some would come back to back until I started my self-love journey and started working on my mind. 


🖤For me, a lot of my assumptions stemmed from fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of losing what I had. Fear of bad news, fear that it wouldn’t go right, fear of my fears coming true…fear that I wasn’t enough. Assumptions that the stories I made up in my head was real before having the details I felt I needed to feel safe.


🖤So today, I want to encourage you to choose to tackle those assumptions, fears, and anxieties head on! Work on letting go…let go of the need to control others..let go of letting what you ‘think” control you when you are afraid and you don’t know it to be true….work on assuming the worst because deep down you’re really Find a scripture or affirmation to combat the “lie” that you’re believing. Pray, meditate, and affirm!! Tell yourself a different story because a lot of times,  it’s the assumptions and fear that’s hurting you, not the actual story.🙏❤


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