Carmen Mentor Life Coach: Part 1: About Me


One of my biggest achievements is..



I was inspired to write this blog post by a child named Joey who had a question about a math problem, 8-7=? He came to me frustrated and crying because he could not understand why the answer was not 7. So, I put my hands up and told him the answer is 1 because if I have 8 candies, but eat 7 of them there’s only 1 left. But to my surprise, he still didn’t understand why and continued to question how is that true. His question and persistence to understand caused me to think about how easy it is for us to go through our lives not really valuing understanding or seeing value in simple things.

~ No matter how simple something seems there’s always value in recognizing that just because it may not be or seem life-changing that it does still have the possibility to change a life. ~ Coach Sam

Underrated list of life skills


Encouragers and Motivators are a valuable skill to have

An Attitude of Gratitude


We should always have an attitude of gratitude. We never know what our future holds. We take so much for granted not realizing the significance until it’s gone. COVID 19 has taught me to be grateful in all things!