Thoughts of a Brown Child


Welcome! As the Author of “Thoughts of a Brown Child”, I can help make your dreams come true! There are so many avenues to have your vision printed and shared with the world. Your work is unique to your life experience. Tell your life story and let me help guide your journey! 

Overcoming Fear


Our world is witnessing unprecedented times right now. From quickly being forced to adapt to a new normal as a result of Covid-19 to the new civil rights movement occurring in the United States of America, it is no surprise that every one of us has experienced some level of fear recently. It can be […]

Loving her mind


These days it is easy for man to fall for a cute smile and nice body. With the way that people are pertraded today in society, it only makes it easier for someone to meet the wrong person. It all boils down to the connection that you have with someone new. My advice is try […]

Dare to Love


In committed relationships or marriage problems tend to arise that sometimes seem small but are really big. Sometimes when you try talking it out with your partner, they may not be open to hearing you at the moment. So what do you do then? I say you dare to love them. I look at situations […]

Vision Board


Vision Board, do you have one??? You should because it can provide you with clear goals for your future. A vision board is more than just something you write down one time and than place in a corner. It is a combination of all of your hopes, dreams and prayers written down for you to […]