Are You Disrespecting Yourself for a Relationship Future?


Today’s blog post “Are You Disrespecting Yourself for a Relationship Future?”, is based on years of seeing tears of broken hearted women and hearing them tell their stories of how frustrated, and upset they are with the dating process and the men who walked away from them, as though they never meant anything to them.

If you advertising free, for a fee, or at a reduced cost specialty for the sake of a relationship, then Queen you have just told the man that you’re with that the value you bring is not worth anything; and at that rate you want ever attract a principal man of integrity willing to give you a ring to make you his Queen.

He Is Emotionally Unstable?


Today’s blog post, “Is He Emotionally Unstable?”, was inspired by real life events, which made me think about how often we overlook emotional issues in people we date that have been there from the start of our relationship, because they had emotional issues before we ever met them that were never resolved.

~If it’s normal for the man you’re dating to have extreme and uncontrollable anger especially towards you, then you’re dating and unstable man and an unstable man can’t be trusted. So, you shouldn’t believe he loves you. ~Coach Sam

Are You a Poor Communicator?


Today’s blog post “Are You a Poor Communicator?” was inspired by an email conversation that then turned into a face to face conversation, in which to avoid arguing and continuously back and forth getting nowhere, I chose to articulate to the individual, clearly there was a miscommunication.

~If you’re too busy to give a person your undivided attention then you should avoid responding or initiated a conversation with them because the point of communicating is to be responsive to the person you’re speaking to. ~Coach Sam

Is He Talking to Other Women?


Today’s blog post Is He Talking to Other Women? was inspired by advice I was asked to give this week. And simply put the issue was how to handle men talking to other women. So as a woman I want you to know talking to or dating a man, doesn’t make him your man!

~If the man you’re talking to is talking to is talking to and entertaining other women, then the guy your dating is not committed to you, because the man that your dating – if he’s committed to you, he’s only going to be talking to you! ~ Coach Sam

Are You Moving for Him?


Today’s blog post “Are You Moving for Him?” is inspired from the countless number of women who’ve told their stories of how they packed up their life to move for a man, only to find out he wasn’t the man they thought he was and the relationship they thought they had didn’t exist.

~When you’re dating don’t make dramatic decisions for someone who doesn’t see or value you as necessary; otherwise, you’ll end up discarded and disregarded~ Coach Sam

Are You Too Kind to Men?


Today’s blog post “Are You Too Kind to Men?” was inspired by an incident that I witnessed take place in an elevator this week. It made me think about how often many ladies dating may be going out of their way to be kind to men and not realizing that they are in fact too kind.

~You’re kindness is kind, until it enables others to be inconsiderate of your well-being.~ Coach Sam

He Is Wasting Your Time?


Today’s blog post, “Is He Wasting Your Time?” was inspired by every woman who has ever asked me if a man was wasting their time and I had to tell them yes he most certainly is, but you don’t have to allow him to continue to do so.

~If you allow a man to waste your time, you show him you don’t value your time and that’s costing you your life. Is he worth it?~ Coach Sam

Can We Talk About Mental Health?


So today’s blog post “Can We Talk About Mental Health?” tackles what mental health is, why it’s important, and a few resources available if you or anyone you know needs help.

~There is freedom admitting you’re struggling with your mental health because the first step to resolving and solving any issue is to first acknowledge that it exists it’s then that we can take time to do inner reflection and seek out the help we need so we can live life healthy and whole.~ Coach Sam

Are You Dating Insecure?


Today’s blog post “Are You Dating Insecure?” was inspired by an interaction I experienced this week as I was preparing to leave the place where I was that I call spotlighting…

~You cannot expect a man to see you as confident, when you tell him and show him through your actions and reactions that you’re insecure.~ Coach Sam

Are You Doing the Work?


Today’s blog post, Are You Doing the Work? is a continuation from last week’s topic. However, today I give you a practical approach to determine if you’re focusing more on building the outer you more than the inner you.

~If you say you want God’s will and plan for your life, then you must choose to commit to implementing the daily principles and practices to make it possible, otherwise it won’t be so.~ Coach Sam