Will This New Year Be Different?


“Will This New Year Be Different?” is my blog post challenging you to take inventory on if you make goals you don’t intend to make a reality. Because too often we say we want something different, yet our thoughts and actions don’t align with what we say.

~A New Year’s resolution means nothing if you don’t identify where you are and take insightful action to determine what you need to do to know where you want to go.~ Coach Sam

Are You Loving Yourself?


“Are You Loving Yourself?” is my blog post speaking about us taking the time to focus on making what we need something we provide.

~Sometimes we can focus and fixation on looking outward to have that which we should first provide to ourselves~ Coach Sam

Do You Help Strengthen His Spirit or His Flesh?


Do You Help Strengthen His Spirit or His Flesh? is my blog post encouraging you as a woman to look at the type of woman you are to determine if you are influencing your spouse or the men you date to be better or worse and giving you tools to do something about it.

~More than you know you can strengthen your man for the better or for the worse because you have the grace to be his help and God gives you the free will to choose your standards. ~ Coach Sam

Are You Committed?


Today’s blog post “Are You Committed?” speaks about the 3 reasons we shouldn’t quit when we’ve given our word to someone that we would get something done.

~It’s easy to say that you’re committed to do something when it seems it’ll be quick and easy to do, however, commitment means that you’re going to follow through and find a way to do what you said despite any challenges you face and despite the feeling you may now have about doing what you said.~ Coach Sam

Are You Wasteful?


“Are You Wasteful” is a blog post inspired by the excitement of so many who finally received a third stimulus check, yet, had already pre-planned so many unproductive people, places, and things to spend it on before it ever reached their hands; and it is my desire with today’s blog post to challenge you to look at your life to evaluate if your dating, mindset, and lifestyle habits are working for you or against you.

~If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to get moving to go somewhere realizing that going somewhere requires productive daily choices that positively help you grow and evolve into a better version of you!” ~ Coach Sam

What Are You Advertising?


Too often, it’s easy to think of advertising as only business related, so we can overlook that we are advertisers. So, I discuss in this blog post the ways in which we advertise ourselves and our lives and why it matters what we advertise, especially when we seek to attract a spouse.

~You wouldn’t show up to a Bugatti dealership looking for Hyundai and you wouldn’t go to an organic whole foods store looking for a deep-dish pizza; so, recognize advertising is a part of life and we can’t say we want something or someone, but advertise ourselves and live our life in a way that says we don’t want it, we are not capable of handling it, and we will not improve our state of being to have it.~ Coach Sam