It’s Okay to be Happy!


Some days may be more challenging than others, but there’s always something to smile about!  No matter what, hold onto the things that make you happy.  Know that it’s okay for you to be happy, regardless of what’s going on around you. Don’t lose hope! ~Coach Lisi

Just Write!


What are you waiting on to start your writing journey?  Someone needs to hear your story!  Someone needs to read your blog!  Someone is waiting on you.  There’s no reason for you not to start.  Begin where you are and grow from there.  No more excuses and no more procrastination! I’m here to help you […]

Single and Living


Don’t wait until your mate arrives to begin living your life.  There’s no time like now to do the things that you want to do!  Go through your bucket list and check out those places, movies, gifts, etc. that you’ve been putting off.  Is there a business you want to start?  A book you’ve been […]



This is a reminder to remain encouraged regardless of what you may be facing.  There’s something on the other side of what you’re going through.  Don’t give up hope and keep your faith!! It’s okay to begin again.  Don’t give up! ~Coach Lisi

Use Your Gift


There’s something that you’ve been put on this Earth to do.  Only you can do it.  For some, it’s writing; for others, it’s singing or dancing.  The list can go on and on.  BUT, you must know what your gift is.  You cannot sit around and not fully utilize it.  There’s a purpose for you […]

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself


Are you focusing on what you consider “wrong” with yourself or are you encouraging yourself for how far you’ve come?  It can become easy to take on the role of self-critic when it’s in your character trait to do so, BUT how is this helping you on your journey? I challenge you to take some […]

You are an Inspiration


You and your journey are an inspiration!  There could be times when you feel as if this isn’t the case, but this is not true.  There are people who you’ve impacted and continue to impact as you live.  Don’t underestimate the impact you’ve made.  Take a moment to reflect on the times a simple, “Thank […]

Patience in Writing


Your story deserves to be told!  It’s sometimes easy to get caught up and want to rush the writing process or to even feel doubtful about what you’re sharing.  BUT it’s okay to be patient with yourself as you go through the writing process.  This helps as you go through your flow of ideas and […]

Be Patient


Be patient with yourself as you continue to grow.  You’re learning and the process isn’t an easy one.  Recognize the areas where you have made progress and give yourself grace as you keep going. Patience is key! You are doing amazing! ~Coach Lisi

A Bit of Inspiration


Today, take time to reflect on your accomplishments.  Each step you take is worth celebrating.  Sometimes, we can focus on how far we have left to go without recognizing our growth. Remember: “Growth is a continuous process!” Keep going!  Today is your day! ~Coach Lisi