Your Time is Coming


The desire for a relationship is normal.  We were created for companionship and to not live life’s journey alone.  However, there is a timing for everything.   The process cannot be rushed or skipped.  You must allow everything to unfold in its timing. Keep growing!  Keep loving yourself!  Know that your time is coming. ~Coach Lisi

MINDSET: Empowering Your Best Self with Corretta

BC BC A A E D D ( )

Our mindset shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, ultimately determining the outcomes we achieve in life. As a highly passionate life coach, I understand the profound influence of mindset on personal growth. With her expertise and unwavering dedication, I enjoy empowering individuals to cultivate a growth mindset and unleash their full potential. In this blog post, we explore the power of mindset and how I go about guiding clients towards becoming the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

Great Things Wednesday-Strenghts

What wins or accomplishments do you have over the past week? I ask this question because it easy to think about mistakes, mis-steps, being our own worst critic, etc. But how about the great things we did, something that we accomplished that we are proud of to give ourselves a positive focus! Last week I […]

what’s it going to be…..


Truth be told, anything you are not changing you are choosing……. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It is a tedious process that starts within the mind. One must be truly fed up with the current state of the problematic situation. Then take daily steps toward the desired outcome. The road to change can be tough but, […]

Breaking Cycles


It can be difficult to break the cycles that you’re comfortable with.  For example, many of us take the same route to work, the store, etc. each time we go.  We don’t try to venture out to see if there are other ways to reach our destinations.  This is true of life as well. If […]

Cut Them Off


Maintaining relationships with anyone who disrupts your peace will lead to a decline in your mental health, which eventually causes a decline in your physical health.

How to set Monthly Goals: 6 Simple steps to set your month up for success


Half of the year is gone. Oh my, has time flown by? If you have goals in mind that you still need to work on, now is the time to get serious. The first of a month is a great time to sit down and focus on your goals.  A new month symbolizes a new […]

Give Yourself Time ⏰


“Patience is a virtue.” Patience is the ability to endure difficult circumstances. Like a butterfly 🦋 struggling to emerge for it’s cocoon.

Singleness is a Journey!


One of the things that the single’s life has taught me is that singleness is a journey.  The end goal should not be finding your mate, but living your journey of self-love to be the best you.  As you work and grow towards becoming the best you, things do have the tendency to fall into […]

I want to get married!

I’m single and I want to get married! Marriage is a healthy desire. It’s okay to want it and to prepare for it. I pray about my marriage, I listen to sermons on marriage. I pay very close to the relationships around and try to think about how I’d navigate certain situations if I were […]