Looking Forward To It

I’ve been studying a lot lately. That looks like me not being home a lot. I work full-time and once I clock out, I clock into my dreams and goals. I remember a time when I used to clock out of my full-time job and just go on about my day with no urgency in […]



Hurt people vs healed people, never confuse the two.

Do You Have Control of Your Life?


“Do You Have Control of Your Life?” is a blog post about how too often we give things, situations, and people authority to control our state of mind or well-being, and sometimes that person is us; but when we realize it, we can transform our life when ever we get ready.

~Your life is yours to live and you don’t owe any person anything because people don’t have any authority over you, except the authority you give them. ~Coach Sam

Are You Content with Getting Handouts?


“Are You Content with Getting Handouts?” is a blog post inspired by a comment one of my relatives made about being left out by our government though striving to do and want more. And that comment made me think about how many people really think and believe that they’re winning because their government is providing for them. So, I stopped by to tell you:

~It’s one thing to find yourself in a tough spot in need of help and quite another to not want to help yourself and be content with letting others take care of you.~Coach Sam

Will You Push Through the Dirt?


Currently, I am in the process of having my manuscript, Recognize Him: Is He Dating You for Commitment? formatted. And Will You Push Through the Dirt? encourages you to realize that each time you face a set back to have the mindset that there is something you learned; and to take what you’ve learned to complete the goal you set and then inspire and encourage someone else to do the same.

~When you think about dirt, you should think about the possibilities of new beginnings and continued growth.~Coach Sam

The Journey


What journey would you like to take me on today? We all are on a journey. We all are on different paths. But we can reach our goals just the same. We can receive the skills and tools we need to succeed, no matter the pathway we decide to be on. The journey is ours […]

Do You Think Discipline Is or Equals Success?


“Do You Think Discipline Is or Equals Success?” points out the fact that discipline and success are both defined by YOU, so you are the most valuable person to determine if you are discipline and or successful in your life.

~Discipline is a requirement for living life, not simply success, or the attainment of success in the mind of others. ~Coach Sam

Have You Protected Your Most Valuable?


“Have You Protected Your Most Valuable?” speaks about how the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack caused alarm, but how we should evaluate if we take necessary measures to protect what matters most in our own personal lives.

~Just like companies have infostructures, so do you, it’s called your personal life and the people, your mindset, systems, and things that matter. The question is do you know their worth and have you invested in protecting them as you should. ~ Coach Sam

Are You Self-Assured?


“Are You Self-Assured?” is a post inspired from seeing how people reacted to my being present at a close place, despite the fact they too came to the same closed placed, more likely than not because they saw me, not realizing or understanding MY why.

~Knowing that your instincts are correct about a situation will allow you to trust yourself instead leaning to following an unknown and unproven stranger.~Coach Sam

Is Your Mindset Reset and Ready for What Comes Next?


“Is Your Mindset Reset and Ready for What Comes Next?” is my blog post in which I speak about why our mindset is important and why we should evaluate if we are indeed ready for new beginnings and possibilities in our life.

~Your mindset on life and possibilities of what could be in your life are at the center of your why for what you decide to do next with your life.~Coach Sam