“Grown Boys/Girls Are Like Fool’s Gold”


I believe that men and women don’t truly understand or know who
women and men are at their core.
A lot of us haven’t been raised, some have just grown because of many
dynamics in our communities.
You cannot give what you’ve never had or even seen modeled.
Therefore, you will not be equipped with an organic perspective on our
respective roles which is, where I believe the disconnect begins.
I believe that the root of our problem is our relationship spiritually.
Many are operating in a sea of emotional brokenness, and insecurities
that has left us fractured leading to hurt, deception, and disappointment!
Hence, your “Prince Charming” or that rare “Gem Of A Woman”
you thought you had found turned out to be “Fool’s Gold”!
A counterfeit, unauthenticated.. not organic!

Are You Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language?


“Culture paints a picture that we don’t have to work for anything any more. Every week or so, there is an untalented person trending on line for some wack song that he or she created in the bathroom, while sitting on the toilet. Women get their bodies done, and then post pictures of them in the gym, as if that’s how they achieved their bodies. Or, people troll celebrities on social media in order to get clout or recognized in some way. Nobody sees the importance of hard work, and the same has been true in relationships. People stop working to please their partners because they feel that they shouldn’t have to work. It’s an illusion. Anything that you want to last and is worth having requires work, and it is in our relationships that we suffer the most damage as a result of this deceit.”