The Problem with Being in a Situationship


  So you have found yourself dating, in a relationship with….no more like a situationship with a man. How did you get here? You’re strong, you have good self esteem…you know your worth, or do you? I submit to you that we have to look at this way closer than you might be comfortable with. […]

Hey Lady, So You Want To Date Online?!—ONLY the Strong Survive!

God designed men to approach because God designed men to propose!

Evolve Into Your Highest Self


Good Day! When I think about who I need to become and the things I need to tweak to become a better mother, business woman, speaker, writer, teacher and human, it lets me know I need to get locked in on my discipline and drive. I began to apply the 3 D’s…Discipline, Drive and Determination […]

Choose You


Often times in relationship we take other people feelings into consideration before we take our own. When deciding to break up with our mate, we agonize over rather it is the best decision. We go back and forth, consult friends, and read articles looking for someone to tell us what to do. We want someone […]

Trusting Yourself


I know it can be hard to trust yourself after a breakup. You may be feeling like you don’t know how to choose a partner. Afterall, if you did, you wouldn’t be in your present situation right? You tell yourself that you should have known this or known that. How could you have missed the […]