Patience is a Virtue


“To get what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done. It wasn’t until I decided that if I wanted different, I had to do different. Taking matters into my own hands hadn’t been working, and it was time to give it all over to Jesus. Sometimes you receive this “ah-ha,” moment when nothing is going as planned, or you hit rock bottom. I encountered a little bit of both. I took a big leap of faith when I moved across the country, with the expectation to be propelled straight into my destiny, but God had other plans. He wanted me to be still. If I wanted a different outcome, I had to rely on Him. He dissolved relationships, friendships, and career opportunities, so that I would focus on Him. It was the most difficult thing that I had ever experienced. It’s funny because even in all of my frustration, I wasn’t mad at Him because in my heart, I knew what He was doing. He was after my trust, and patience requires trust. I wanted to do life God’s way, but I was constantly being pulled in the other direction because of my impatience and lack of trust. All of the distractions had been taken away. Now It was just He and I.”