Same Breath


Some people have the issue of gossip, but can I share something? Many of the sinful strongholds we carry cause the Holy Spirit to warn others about you…to stay clear…to say ‘no’…to work with someone else…   On my journey in church leadership, I assumed that God would all of a sudden make me so […]

The Gift of Thriving While Single


“From time to time, God reminds me that He hasn’t forgotten about my desires, but He also won’t let me worship them more than His presence in my life – that’s the gift.”

follow for follow


So I recently saw a post on IG that reminded me of the Bible Study I participated in, as well as something I read during a devotional I am following on the Bible App…then it hit me!   Am I being led by the Spirit of God or man-made algorithms?   The truth is, many […]

Power That Pleases


“There in artistry in each of us”, chapter Power That Pleases in my 1st book CONVERSATIONS WITH THE KING:Meditations That Edify, Equip and Encourage.

Tech Tools for the Lesser Savvy


Are you struggling to get organized or worried about conveying a professional image to business prospects and lacking tech-savvy skills to take your business or brand to the next level? Try these low-to-no cost apps that will get your organized and leave a great first or fifteenth impression.

Pursuing Peace with Practical Boundaries


“Establishing healthy boundaries in your communication can seem confrontational but please keep in mind that if you do not set them for yourself, you leave it to other various people, as well as their selfish ambitions at the time, to set up boundaries for you.”

Forgiveness Is NOT


👠The journey to forgive is less challenging and less of a struggle when we know what it is not.

Feel Your Feelings


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Music Rights Belong To: Smooth Jazz All Stars – Celebrate (He Lives)

Your BD Could Neva


“Then withdraw from him so he will be struck down and die.” 2 Samuel 11:15(b)
It is not my intention to make light of the #metoo movement, but powerful men leveraging their position of power to do despicable things to obtain who and what they want is not a new concept.

Know Who you Are: Resurrection Reflection


“What would I expect that freedom-bringer to look like? It definitely would not have been a mere man (looking just like a neighbor down the street) riding on a less-than-efficient mode of transportation no less. My expectations would have been high and I would have been disappointed just like some of the people at that time…”