Rinse, Wash, Repeat


Your family relies on you daily and your emotional state will determine how and when you deal with issues in your household. Start with a small increment of time everyday at the same time to incorporate parental personal time into the routine.

Winners Quit 4 Soul Care


Winners quit too. Listen in.

She Moves


“I grew up despising my body because it seemed to draw too much attention to myself before I fully understood what sex or seduction even was…I just wanted to keep winning dance contests and jumping double dutch without having to hold my body in place with one arm.” #ProtecttheBlackWoman #protectBlackgirls

Do You Have Control of Your Life?


“Do You Have Control of Your Life?” is a blog post about how too often we give things, situations, and people authority to control our state of mind or well-being, and sometimes that person is us; but when we realize it, we can transform our life when ever we get ready.

~Your life is yours to live and you don’t owe any person anything because people don’t have any authority over you, except the authority you give them. ~Coach Sam

Are You Content with Getting Handouts?


“Are You Content with Getting Handouts?” is a blog post inspired by a comment one of my relatives made about being left out by our government though striving to do and want more. And that comment made me think about how many people really think and believe that they’re winning because their government is providing for them. So, I stopped by to tell you:

~It’s one thing to find yourself in a tough spot in need of help and quite another to not want to help yourself and be content with letting others take care of you.~Coach Sam

Create My Pretty


For this birthday, I want to explore some pain points in my journey! Hopefully it inspires someone else!~

Have You Protected Your Most Valuable?


“Have You Protected Your Most Valuable?” speaks about how the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack caused alarm, but how we should evaluate if we take necessary measures to protect what matters most in our own personal lives.

~Just like companies have infostructures, so do you, it’s called your personal life and the people, your mindset, systems, and things that matter. The question is do you know their worth and have you invested in protecting them as you should. ~ Coach Sam

Do You Willingly Walk into Problems?


“Do You Willingly Walk into Problems” is a blog post inspired by an ongoing situation with a house that has at least one major issue with its plumbing, yet, seeing people still willing to wait to move into it, over two months later…

“Our willingness to accept less than favorable conditions for right now satisfaction, temporary gains, and selfish or shallow motives can lead us into knowingly walking into problems we could have avoided, if we would have taken the time to realize the red flags and stop signs screaming – RECONSIDER BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FOR YOU” ~Coach Sam

Are You Wasteful?


“Are You Wasteful” is a blog post inspired by the excitement of so many who finally received a third stimulus check, yet, had already pre-planned so many unproductive people, places, and things to spend it on before it ever reached their hands; and it is my desire with today’s blog post to challenge you to take a look at your life to evaluate if your dating, mindset, and lifestyle habits are working for you or against you.

“If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to get moving to go somewhere realizing that going somewhere requires productive daily choices that positively help you grow and evolve into a better version of you!” ~ Coach Sam

How Do You Handle Delayed Gratification?


“How Do You Handle Delayed Gratification” is a blog post inspired by my mother’s reaction to an order she expected to arrive yesterday actually having a much later shipping date. Her demeanor made me ponder on how much we don’t like delays, especially when we feel we have waited long enough, and the ways in which we handle delays, hence the title of today’s post. 🙂

~While we may not prefer to wait for something or on someone, waiting is part of life and in times of waiting it’s your mindset and attitude that can make waiting miserable or not, choose to wait with the understanding that delayed gratification makes the actualization of completion more memorable and more meaningful.~ Coach Sam