Take Care of YOU…

Hey U…

How are you really doing?  Like seriously…have you sat down to do self-check lately?  Your mental, physical, emotional wellness how is it coming along?  I want to encourage you to do so and do it ASAP.  These last nine months have been so HARD to wrap our heads around.   Cut yourself some slack!  Like really…if you have gotten up day after day, gotten dressed, trimmed your beard & shaved(men) or touched up your hair and beat your face(ladies) to head out to work, you deserve some credit!!!   For those of us who have lost our jobs and we still do the above and head to the computer to touch up our resumes or start that business or write that book, give yourself a pat on the back as well!  Remember, you have to take care of yourself.  Think positive thoughts and recite positive affirmations daily.  Break free of negative people if need be, do not feel obligated to entertain anyone’s negativity…not even a family member.   I love U…but even more LOVE yourself.   Talk to U soon…Coach Tracy

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