Take Care of YOU!

Good morning tribe!


It’s been a trying few weeks for me and my family. My daughter had two hospital visits in the past month. Her digestive system is sluggish because of her lack of movement. She’s gone without physical therapy for a year now due to covid-19. It’s been humbling to say the least. We’re on a path to find out how to best help her and I plan to get her moving this weekend by putting her in the swimming pool…that should be fun.

On most days my self care consists of some type of exercise (stretching, walking or cycling) yet this past week self care has looked like coming home from work, showering and getting in the bed. Hey, knowing what you need and when to implement which strategy is key to getting beyond survival….our aim is to THRIVE!

Have a great weekend and be best to yourself; everyone else will benefit. 


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