Take Care of YOU!

Even the smallest things count when it comes to caring ❤ 😌 about you. Take every moment you can to enjoy something. Maybe quiet time with tea or coffee, a face mask, your favorite snack, a much-needed nap, your favorite show. Something you enjoy!

The one thing that is often hardest to do is to put yourself first. So hard to do yet so needed to keep you functioning optimally. Family, jobs, projects, school, church, mentorship, volunteering, and all sorts of other random things seem to get in the way of good old fashioned “ME TIME”.

YOU HAVE TO PUT YOU FIRST if only for 15 minutes. The best way to fuel yourself would be to practice this intentionally every single day but if you absolutely can’t make time for yourself daily then do so as often as possible throughout the week. You only have one you and you will only have one chance to live this earthly life. God did not send His Son to die on the cross for you to live a run down, beat up, saggy eyed life! He wants you to have an abundant life. He wants you to know how important you are and treat yourself so. He wants you to be at peace and walking in purpose and it will never happen if you’re frazzled all of the time.

It is OK to take a little break and pamper yourself. Take time to breathe and feel grateful.

Take time for YOU!

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