Take Failure as Feedback But Do Not Make it Your Identity

We all fail at something. We might fail in a relationship, in a career or even on basic goals that we put off for years. It’s easy to feel disappointed in ourselves when things do not go our way. 

Although the feelings of disappointment can be strong, please do not take your failure and form it into your identity. 

What do I mean by this? 

If you had multiple relationships that failed, do not claim yourself a relationship failure! 
If you aren’t making the money you desire, do not call yourself a broke person. 

All the words you say after the words “I am” will always become true because in your subconscious mind you have turned it into a belief. Anything you say over and over in your head becomes a belief. Your life is literally a reflection of your beliefs. If you are going to believe in something; make sure it’s not something that will limit you.

I learned that when we aren’t doing well in something and we turn it into our identity we tend to attract more of the same thing. 

If you fail at something, and then tell yourself like “well that’s just who I am” you will only reinforce a negative belief. 

you become un-open to new possibilities. 

What do I suggest after not so good feelings after you do not so well on something?? 

Take your failures as feedback! 
An example:

Didn’t do so well on your exam? that’s okay! I remember when I was in college I’d hear people say things like “omg I just suck at math!” Or “ I am going to fail this semester if I don’t get my shit together!” Or “I am such a dumb fuck” etc 

and now I’m like wow instead of just taking failure as feedback, they just completely made failure their identity. I was guilty of doing this too years ago. 

If I were to go back in time I would’ve said 
Did you ever think maybe you just didn’t study well enough? Or maybe you were too stressed to focus on the material and actually absorb it?  Or maybe you learn better in groups and maybe you just needed a study buddy? You are certainly not dumb. You’re an A+ student in progress. Just believe it! 

remember that when you change the way you look at things.. the things you look at change! 

empty space or space of potential? 

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