Taking responsibility of your actions

Seldom do we, as human beings, take accountability for our actions. There is an old saying, “I played the hand life dealt me.” Let’s take a second and examine this: Think about it. Is this a statement of taking responsibility for our actions or a deflection of the lack thereof? I like to think that it’s the latter.

Sometimes we like to blame someone else for the way our lives have turned out. We are quick to “pass the bucket.” We do this as a defense mechanism. We do this because we don’t like to be wrong. I have been guilty of this. Such as: If I got promoted to a higher position, I would be living the American dream. Possibly if my parents were wealthy, I would be where I wanted to be in life. When those things aren’t necessarily the truth, we recognize that we are flawed creatures. No matter how hard we try, we are not perfect. We will never be.

Nevertheless, we also can’t use the argument that “we are not perfect” to justify poor qualities in our character. There will be some rainy seasons in our lives. Everything will not go according to plan; life tends to throw curveballs, unexpected twists, and turns along the way. We have to keep in mind that they are only seasons. Not for extended periods. When the rain comes, do not allow the dark days to change the person that you are. Don’t change your core when circumstances change.

You have to take reign over the direction that your life is going. Examine the person you are and the person you want to be. You have the power to rule over the things that make up your character. Where we lack in knowledge, we also fall in grace. It is essential to adopt new ideas to understand your current outlook. Figure out areas that can be worked on to make you. . . a better you. Our past contains excellent lessons. Taking those past experiences and learning from them is pivotal to your growth for the future. We discover that, only if we knew then what we know now, we would be closer to our goals, deeper en route to our purpose, enjoying more of the good that life offers. Let’s maximize the things we can control. Minimize the things we cannot. Are you operating on a low, mediocre, or a higher vibration?

–Excerpt from book “High Character” by Jess Taylor

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