Nearly two years ago, I found myself in a place where I did not know whether I was coming or going. Stuck in a foreign land with just my thoughts and feelings of failure, I knew I needed help. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I reached out to Julia, who wasted no time in taking my hand and leading me away from the dark abyss I was slowly making my home.

The Bible says it is better for two to walk together, for if one stumbles and falls, the other will pick them up. I have seen this word come to life over the last two years. Walking in accountability has helped me deal with and face even parts of myself I had been intentionally running away from for years. Through discipleship, I have been released and delivered from years of shame and guilt that I had accepted as my portion, as part of who I am. 

Now, I know that I might have gotten there at some point, but it would have certainly taken much longer. I would have caused myself more harm before I eventually turned back on the right track. But having someone walk the tough road with me, holding my hand in prayer and available to cry with me through the difficult moments, has redirected my life. 

I struggled for years with being vulnerable, even with myself, but since opening myself up and letting go, I have been redeemed. Through discipleship, I have regained my identity, my voice has been restored and I now know, again, that I can live a life of purpose and that the failures and disappointments along the way have just been a thorn in my flesh. A part of my journey I might have struggled to come to terms with and embraced on my own. 

I stand victorious today, completely healed and restored, and this only happened through the ministry of one-to-one coaching. I have learned to stop hiding from myself. I have been reminded to completely trust in God, even when it did not make any sense, because God will always reveal Himself and breakthrough for me!

Andiswa Madolwana


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