You Don't Have To Say A Word! They Know Who You Are! You Have To Know Who You Are!

Sometimes God gives us things to do just to see if we will follow His instructions.  And sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.  So in all that I must say that I had been given something to do that I had put off for a couple of weeks, because I knew it wouldn’t be as important to them, as it was very passionate to me.  So I did what I had to do in between the free time I had to give today.  And I got stung by the Bee!  Not a physical one but a metaphysical Bee!  It sort of blew me away.  And I let it zap my energy.  And in that moment I felt like giving up.  That is why, when I am working on any of my personal projects.  I don’t pick up the phone and I don’t watch television.  Cause I’m sensitive like that.  You’ve got to know who you are!  And don’t forget where your assignment came from, Lol!  No love lost.  I must keep it moving.  And I will.  Never give up on yourself either.  Never!  And don’t let anyone define you!  Pin a mood, condition, or label on your forehead.  It’s all good.  Cause it’s not really all that serious anyways.  You just have to do what you got to do, when you’ve got the time to do it.  And if that means more time.  Then I’ll have to schedule more time to get it done.  Amen, Amen.   Well alright now!  Need help?  Let me help you to help yourself with any of your projects.  Amen, Amen.  ✌&❤


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