Thankful for my scars

You are probably saying right now,¬† “what thankful for my scars I don’t¬† want to be thankful for that ! I don’t¬† want to experience¬† pain”¬† Can I tell you that the most painful situations in life, they make us grow, they force us into into becoming a better version of ourselves if we learn from them.¬†¬†

It took me 5 years to finally get the courage and the strength to leave that abusive and toxic relationship.  But that last relationship taught me and forced me to grow and to learn how to set standards for myself.  That relationship forced me to get to know myself and  to  learn what was acceptable in a relationship and what I would not tolerate going foward.  

That relationship took me to my purpose.  I am a different person now because I allowed my pain to be my greatest teacher and I can say now that I am thankful  for my scars. I would not be the person that I am today without God leading me and taking me through my valleys. 

Be thankful for your scars, learn from them, find your purpose, and the rest history!!!!

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