The “10 I’s of Self-Love”

"Self-love is the foundation of all other relationships. -Krystle Laughter

The 10 “I’s” of Self-Love 


You are worthy. You deserve love. Use these statements daily to remind yourself of your worth and value. Write them down somewhere you can see them. Remember, there is power in your words. Don’t be afraid to use them!

  1. I will love myself first because I can’t pour from an empty cup, it’s the only way I can love God and others.

  2. I will hold others accountable for their actions without guilt or fear of rejection because those who deserve to be in my life will treat me right.

  3. I will allow people into my circle who have proven they deserve to be there because who I allow into my life will affect it for better or worse.

  4. I will be patient with myself and forgive myself for any mistakes I’ve made because unforgiveness hinders creativity and my ability to grow.

  5. I take responsibility for my own life and I will not make excuses for myself or others, because the only person I am responsible for is me.

  6. I will never stop pursuing self-improvement, growth, and healing because in order to be happy I must be whole.

  7. I will not allow toxic thoughts, people or environments to control me, because I choose to thrive and live a positive life.

  8. I will not allow disappointments or setbacks to throw me off course, because I have a purpose, and every roadblock is just another stepping stone to my success.

  9. I give myself permission to be the person God created me to be without fearing rejection from others because the world doesn’t need another counterfeit. It needs me. I need me!

  10. I will find something about myself to celebrate daily because I must be my biggest fan and greatest encouragement.



God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.

-Psalms 46:5


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