The 4 P’s to Success

I have some hard truth for you guys today, success is a choice and it’s a hard choice you have to decide to make every single day. Success requires commitment but that’s all secondary. The hardest part of success is all the pre-work. Here are my 4 P’s of success that have and continue to work for me and many others. This process is iterative, try it and repeat.

  1. Pray. You guessed it, before you DO anything, seek wisdom from the source that knows it all. God wants you to succeed! In His word, He assures us success in everything we do, if we do things His way. Ask God to give you vision and direction for your future and He will.
  2. Plan. Once you have the vision, you know the direction you’re headed. Now you need to lay out the steps to get there. You won’t know everything at this stage but start with what you do know. And if you’re totally lost on where to start here’s a pro tip – Google and YouTube.
  3. Prepare. This often the longest and most intensive part of the process. Those who succeed when opportunities arise, are the ones who are most prepared. Preparation takes time, dedication, and commitment. You cannot expect to reap benefits if you don’t sow and work the field.
  4. Persevere. Failure is not making a mistake; failure is giving up. And the only difference between failure and success is the choice to keep going. You will have to embrace and expect obstacles.




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