Dear Lord,

I accept that there are things I have had to endure that I may never understand.  I ask you for healing emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Please give me comfort in the times when discomfort is the only feeling available to me.  I accept that you have created me for greatness and I commit myself to pursuing it each and every day.  I accept that there are some men who cannot handle all you have crated me to be, but I will not make myself smaller to fit into their limited view of who I am!  I no longer accept any man who can’t respect me!  I no longer accept anyone who tries to make me feel inferior!  I no longer accept feelings of insecurity or lack of self-worth!  I accept the fullness of my calling and destiny!  I accept the power of the woman you have created me to be!  I will not live quietly; I roar with the excellence and authority you have given me from this day forward!

In the mighty name of Jesus,



P.S   Prayer from DeVon Franklin’s The Truth About Men

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