I Have Become And I Will Be.

Are You Her/Him?

–¬†The person that keeps moving, healing, growing and stretching yourself beyond anything you have ever reached before. Can¬†you finally allow the universe to lead you to evolve and explore what lies outside of your comfort zone? Have you truly awakened? Stop signing contracts of disappoints and dismay, don‚Äôt allow yourself to even live in the same flesh anymore.¬†But above all, stop¬†constantly worrying about the next phase in your life without realizing you are¬†right in the thick of¬†what you used to look forward to.¬†

– Water your mind in order to grow and nurture your Soul.¬†Because,¬†evidently the world has a preposterous¬†misconception when it comes to love and all things Humane. Psychology seems to agree to the moronic fact that if you express too much love, affection or care for someone it eventually translates to a human tendency of underestimating anything that is free of cost. How absurd? If you have the chance to make people happy or smile, just do it. Please.¬†Sometimes humans are struggling and battling inner wars that are incalculable. Maybe, your simple act of kindness can make their day. Your advice, your care, even your smile. The stamina of your motivation is entirely fueled by your dreams. No matter how¬†empty your heart¬†feels on any given day. You¬†must believe that everyone you meet is sent to you when you need them the most and vice versa. Therefore: wether¬†you’re laughing or crying, believe in the connection¬†the¬†universe has¬†curated for you. Come to a comprehensive understanding that there is no other way to get¬†through the chapters of your life, from the moment you meet, to¬†the very moment¬†they’re gone. People of all walks of life come into your life simply because they¬†must and exit when¬†there’s nothing left for your to¬†receive or learn. In a¬†simplified way: When the experience and lesson have been¬†fulfilled, you are either left with a blessing or a curse. We Love, We Lose, We Cry and We Laugh to rediscover the love again. Each and every time it is¬†different, never¬†synonymous with the¬†previous. But almost always does it end… the same.

–¬†In closing, be thankful for closed doors, detours and¬†roadblocks. They maintained a dome of protection from paths and¬†places not meant for your eyes or¬†spirit. Some people only deserve the unhealed version of you, not the upgraded pivotal¬†version of you.¬†

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